Exploring The History Of The Cavalletto Family

This site attempts to traces several threads of my family history. If you’re related or know the family, and have any lore or stories to share, feel free to comment!

— Matthew Simon Ryan Cavalletto

Immigrants From Vesignano, Italy

Our branch of the Cavalletto family immigrated to America a century ago from Vesignano, Italy.

Traces of this immigration are visible in the Ellis Island records for Cavalletto, Cavaletto, and Cavallette.

Our branch of the family settled in Goleta, California, and the Santa Barbara area, appearing in increasing numbers in the 1910 and 1920 census records.

Family Histories

The extended Cavalletto family in the Santa Barabara area has gathered and shared information about the history of the family. One version of this story was posted as How the Cavallettos settled in Santa Barbara, with a family tree since 1600, and an accompanying letter from George Sr.

A related tradition is recorded in this Illinois Cavallettos Home Page and early history (originally from ourfamilyties.net, now offline, archived at www.archive.org).


3 thoughts on “Exploring The History Of The Cavalletto Family

  1. Hello, I’m from Argentina, my grandparents came from Venice, I did not know about Vesignano. Sending greetings.

    1. I’m the son of Cavaletto Teresina born in Santa Barbara in 1907 died in Vesignano in 2008. My mother was the daughter of Michele Cavaletto (1879-1960) and Clara Cavaletto (1881-1974). Michele was the son of C. Defendente (d. about 1910) and C. Teresa (d. about 1925). Clara the daughter of C. Domenico (d about 1942) ad C. Domenica (d. about 1910/12). My grand parents, Michele and Clara, show in the Ellis Island records in 1906 when they, just married, emigrated from Italy to California. Michele had already spent two years there working as peasant before going back to Italy to marry my grandmother. The whole family, including a son, Defendente, born in 1908, lived in Santa Barbara for about 13 years. Then got back to Italy, Vesignano in 1919.
      I was born in Torino, son of Bonessa Stefano and C. Teresina, in 1941 and I’m living in Southern France since 1980.

  2. My father, Dominic Cavaletto, had an uncle named Michael Cavaletto from California.
    My father said that Michael was a wine tester.

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