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In the late 19th and early 20th century members of our Cavaletto family emigrated to Chile and the United States of America settling in San Bernardo, Chile (the Osés Family); Spring Valley, Illinois (the Cavaletto and Germano families); and Santa Barbara, California (the Cavaletto and Cavalletto families). In the chart below Tere Osés illustrates the familial relationships of the three branches of the Cavaletto family in the Americas.

A century ago Cavaletto cousins and their families emigrated from Vesignano to Chile and the United States of America. Michele Germano and Antonio Germano were brothers making the Germano and Osés family double cousins. Their sister Francesca Germano married Joseph Cavaletto, but we have not yet been able to link his Cavaletto ancestry to the lines shown in the chart above, and settled in Mark, Illinois (about 7 miles from Spring Valley). After her husband's death Francesca and her son Dominick moved to the Detroit, Michigan, area establishing the Michigan branch of the Cavaletto family. Moreover, Maria Canovotto and Maddalena Canovotto were sisters making the California, Illinois, and Michigan Cavaletto families cousins.

HTM00903O.jpg (465837 bytes)Pictured at he left is Giovanni Battista Cavaletto and his wife Cecilia Peradotto patriarchs of the Spring Valley, Illinois, Cavaletto family. Giovanni Battista Cavaletto (whose mother was Maria Canavotto) was a first cousin of Laura Cavalletto (whose mother was Maddalena Canavotto). Maria and Maddalena were sisters (their father was Bartolomeo Canavotto). Moreover, Giovanni Battista Cavaletto and Defendente Cavaletto were first cousins. For more information concerning Illinois-California relationships see Comparative Generation Chart.

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