The Luther Family, Circa 1905

In this picture we see Hezekiah Luther, surrounded by his wife and six children:

The Luthers

Standing: Ann (Luther) Young, William Luther, Everett Luther, Jennie (Luther) Henry, J. Francis Luther.
Seated: May (Luther) Pierce, Hezekiah Luther, Laura Jane Luther

The photo is undated, but was probably taken some time in the years after 1900.

We know that his daughter Jennie, standing second from the right, was born in 1872, while in this picture she looks like she might be in her 30s, by which point she would have already married Cicero Patrick Henry and given birth to her four daughters.


4 thoughts on “The Luther Family, Circa 1905

  1. Hezekiah Luther was my great-great-great grandfather, Jennie (Luther) Henry was my great-great grandmother, and her daughter Olive Violet (Henry) LaMonte was my great grandmother.

    They seem a dour bunch, but some of that is due to the formal nature of these types of early photographs.

    — Matthew Cavalletto

  2. I am David Luther and a direct descendent of Everett Luther (pictured in this photo.) If you’re interested I’ve just inherited the role of Executive Director of the “Luther Family Association” which traces our Luther lineage back to 1635 (Massachusetts Bay Colony). I encourage anyone searching for their Luther heritage to visit the website and register (Free) to gain access to our vast library of Luther Family Newsletters. Contact information for further quests for other Luther information can be sent directly to me.

    1. Hello there, I am also a descendant of Hezekiah Luther through his daughter May (Luther) Pierce . Her daughter, Effie (Pierce ) married my great-grandfather, Henry Felber, who became mayor of Live Oak for awhile. I would often go as a young girl to the old Luther house in Live Oak, as grandma Effie lived there until her death. My parents in CA have many, many pictures and memorabilia of the Luthers which I’m sure you’d be interested in if you’re related as well! My dad even has Hezekiah’s grinding stone in his front yard 🙂 It’s a shame that the Luther house burned down some years back when the last Felbers living there passed on. It was abandoned for a while and we heard that squaters burned it down. Anyway, what a neat thread to come across on-line, as it looks like we are distant cousins.

      1. Hello, I too am a descendant of Hezekiah Luther. His daughter Viola May was my Great Grandma. We used to visit her when I was young in her home on Gum St. I am the granddaughter of Walter Pierce, Effie’s brother. I have very few pictures or anything from them. I do however have a picture of my grandpa Walt, Aunt Effie and Uncle Lorenwhen they were kids. I would love to see anyones pictures or to learn more about the Luther family.

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